Handicap Ramps for Homes

Consider this - If your home were a handicap accessible van, it should offer the highest levels of accessibility in the sense that you must be most comfortable inside your home. For the physically challenged, this may mean being kitted out with almost any of the adaptive mobility systems available. This in turn allows the disabled person easy, safe, and comfortable access to every inch of his home. As various installations for handicap accessible vehicles become available, so do the number of options to turn your home into something similar.

Of course, it is impossible to fit your home with an auto lowering rear suspension feature, unless you live in a mobile home perhaps. However, there are a lot of features present in wheelchair accessible vehicles (manual air conditioned power, hand control devices, fold away seats) that can be adapted to make homes more comfortable for the disabled person to occupy.

When designing your home to be more accessible for a disabled person, versatility is one of the keys. Here are some of the commonly available types of wheelchair ramps that can be fitted into your home:

Track Wheelchair Ramp Threshold Wheelchair Ramp Modular Ramp
 Track Wheelchair Ramp  Threshold Wheelchair Ramp  Modular Ramp

1. Track Wheelchair Ramp.

This type of handicap ramp is made of two pieces of track which can be positioned variably. This type of wheelchair accessible mobility equipment provides more flexibility because it allows you to adjust the spacing of the tracks to the actual distance of the wheels of the wheelchair. It can be deployed on curbs, steps, and even vans if needed. The anodized aluminum framework can accommodate most sizes of manual and electric wheelchairs. Because of the spacing of the tracks it cannot handle 3-wheel scooters or wheelchairs that do not have the front and back wheels lined up.

2. Threshold Wheelchair Ramp.

If versatility is the key, then this is one particular handicap ramp that you must consider for your home. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes and can provide easy access for wheelchairs over commonly found obstacles in the home like doorways or raised areas. Made mostly of aluminum it can be moved from one area of the house to another or can even be installed permanently. Its use however is limited by its inclined design which makes it unfit for uneven or flat surfaces that wheelchair users need to traverse. The angle of incline is fixed limiting its use to low ground clearances only.

3. Modular Ramp.

This type of ramp can be installed temporarily or permanently depending on the specific needs of the disabled. The design can be customized depending on the location where it will be placed. It is ideal for curbs and deck systems among others.

The design is similar to fixed handicap ramps found in commercial and government buildings with the main difference being the type of material used. Modules make use of clamps or bolts in order to fit together.

The integral landings, platforms, handrails, and other included materials allows for better versatility both in construction and in height. The wheel lock folds forward to provide better safety and security to the unit.

Its deployment can be compared to the long channel rear entry ramp for vehicles which reaches up to the front seats of the car. The modular ramp can reach virtually any place in your home. The main issue is that although it allows the disabled person greater access, it consumes a great deal of space and is relatively heavy. The size may also pose an issue if consider for use inside the home. Outdoor usage is most convenient for this type of handicap ramp.

Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp Multifold Wheelchair Ramp Roll up Wheelchair Ramp
 Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp  Multifold Wheelchair Ramp  Roll up Wheelchair Ramp

4. Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp.

Compact and versatile it folds exactly in the middle allowing you to carry and position it in almost any place inside or outside the home. Relatively easy to handle it can also be used to cover over steps and other raised area inside or outside the home. Possible drawback is that you may need some type of support mechanism if you intend to use it over an irregular surface or steeply inclined.

5. Multifold Wheelchair Ramp.

Just like the single fold but only more compact when storing because it can be folded twice and carried similar to a suitcase. The overall length can provide the wheelchair bound handicap to maneuver higher obstacles with ease. Its length which is one of its assets can also be the problem when there is not enough space for its deployment.

6. Roll up Wheelchair Ramp.

Transportability is the focus for this type of ramp. Because it is lightweight due to its aluminum material and makes use of a hinge design, it can be easily folded for simpler storage. This is more of a fixed type ramp similar to those installed in used handicap vans that have power ramps. It is a dependable and versatile mobility aid but can only be deployed in specific places because of the need to use the hinges.

Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp Van Wheelchair Ramp
 Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp  Van Wheelchair Ramp

7. Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp.

Designed as a multipurpose ram it can be used as a mobility access device by most wheelchairs and scooters. It can be extended depending on specific needs of the disabled and the length of distance to be covered. It makes use of a simplistic design with two fitted platform sections. The sections slide against each other to complete the ramp structure. Also lightweight with a non-skid surface, the main concern is the relatively difficult way of setting it up and adjusting the length.

8. Van Wheelchair Ramp.

This particular access device is designed to allow the handicapped individual quick access to his wheelchair accessible van. It is lightweight and easy to install allowing support for wheelchairs and scooters with a maximum load capacity of 800 pounds. This is ideal mostly for the garage which limits your deployment options and it is manually operated.

Discount Ramps, Guide Media Inc., and the Disabled-World are common dealers of these types of ramps. Take into consideration that there is a great possibility that you will need to purchase more than one type of handicap ramp and even more than one unit of a particular type to make your home as comfortable as or even better than your handicap accessible vehicle.

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