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Handicap Vehicles

Realizing the special needs of persons with disability, numerous facilities have been built to make things a little bit more comfortable for them and let them live a life as close to normal as possible. Buildings have been renovated to include handicap ramps to allow wheelchair bound people access, motoring programs have been put in place to allow for the installation of adaptive driving controls, and minivans as well as full size vans have been converted to make them wheelchair accessible.

Recreational Vehicles or RVs have also undergone conversion to make them responsive to the needs of the handicapped. If you are going on a trip and you want to rent a handicap accessible vehicle, which would suit you more, a handicap van or a handicap RV? Here are some tips to help you decide:

Purpose and duration of the trip

If your purpose is definite, meaning you are going on a trip for a specific purpose like to attend a wedding or a reunion, then definitely a handicap van will do. However, if you are planning to explore the great outdoors or engage in some side trip on the way to your destination, then a handicap RV is a must. How long the trip will last is also a deciding factor. Renting a handicap van means you will shoulder additional costs for living space, while renting a handicap RV means you have all the accommodation you need.

Number of passengers

The number of people going on the trip is likewise very important. A conventional wheelchair accessible full size van can seat a maximum of four people excluding wheelchair riders. Handicap accessible minivans obviously will seat less and accommodate fewer wheelchairs. A handicap RV on the other hand can seat more people and allow more wheelchairs than any full size handicap van.

You also need to consider the type of passengers that you have. This means if all passengers are handicapped or not. This can make a difference because if for example you have five normal people and two wheelchair bound passengers and you only have four seating capacity for normal people, where are you going to seat the extra normal person? You also have to take into consideration that the more companions there are, the more baggage there will be. If you're travelling with more than six heads, definitely a handicap RV is your best bet.

Convenience on the road

If this is a primary consideration, then by all means rent a handicap RV. There is no question about it, in terms of mobility, elbow room, and amenities, a handicap RV beats any wheelchair accessible minivan or full size van any day. Handicap RVs have been modified and tailor fitted to provide for the most common needs of persons with disabilities. They are equipped with ramps, lifts, and other mobility aid that will allow easier entry and exit for the physically challenged. Not to mention standard amenities found in conventional RVs like living quarters, sleeping quarters, bathroom, and kitchen among others.

Handicap RVs are also equipped with modern entertainment systems like a satellite ready sound system, television, input for your portable music device, DVD player, and other forms of convenience to make your travel more enjoyable.

Drivability and handling

For persons with disability who prefer to drive themselves around using hand control systems, this is a very important criterion. Handicap RVs unlike wheelchair accessible minivans, or even full size vans are very difficult to maneuver unless you are used to driving one. Regardless whether it is equipped with a power steering unit or not, the sheer size of the vehicle presents a challenge and even more to with people who have limited mobility.

One of the most glaring reasons why handicap accessible minivans have outsold handicap accessible full size vans is because of their drivability. The smaller sized wheelchair accessible van is easier to control using handheld systems. They also have lower fuel consumption compared to their bigger bodied counterparts. Unless you have a capable driver as a travel companion, then handicap vans are your choice.

Want to try something new

Ever wondered why Recreational Vehicles are becoming so popular? Part of the reason is that many people are looking for an adventure. Recreational Vehicles allow people to have an adventure or experience something new but with a safety net. It allows you to experience nature without having to pitch a tent or rub stones to build a fire. You do not have to go to the river to take a bath or do your thing. Every basic necessity is inside the RV.

With Recreational Vehicles like Hymer and Winnebago being customized to make them wheelchair accessible, it allows the handicapped person to become more adventurous. It encourages them to try something new and for a moment overcome their handicap. It allows persons with disability to experience how it feels like to live on the road like normal people. If this is something you want to try out then you definitely need to rent a handicap RV. Who knows, you might enjoy the feeling and decide to buy one after your trip.

Handicap vans for sale or for rent are generally customized versions of commercially available vans altered specifically to provide for the needs of the physically challenged. They are modified for wheelchair access. They are installed with ramps, wheelchair lifts, and other mobility aids. Handicap Recreational Vehicles implement the same principle by converting a conventional motorhome into a wheelchair accessible one. Additional safety ratings have also been included and some alterations in the design have been made to accommodate the special needs of the handicap.

Moreover, a Recreational Vehicle can be considered as the pinnacle of accessible vehicle because it delivers almost everything a disabled person needs under one roof. With very little difference in the designs concept, the choice of renting either a handicap van or a handicap RV boils down to what you really need and can afford.

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